Blogging ~ WordPress.Com–Theme Twenty Seventeen, 04/11

Twenty SeventeenFinally, we get the long awaited WordPress.Com Core Theme–Twenty Seventeen. In the past, Automattic [WP’s parent company] has released its core theme near mid-December. That was not the case for this theme. I’ve checked daily for it and today–HERE IT IS!

I activated it and had a few dislikes. I reverted to my current theme–Twenty Sixteen which I’ve modified a LOT using Cascading Style Sheet coding. I decided to give Twenty Seventeen another go. Using CSS, I had difficulty making my blog look as I want. There are features I like that are missing in the new theme. Plus, I would have had to ensure it shows the blog as I think it should be seen on mobile devices. That takes a lot of time. For me, Twenty Sixteen is not broken.

So, we continue where we were and maybe for a very long time. I like to keep my theme fresh. I will look for other CSS changes that may enhance the blogging experience.

Stay tuned…

Place ~ Fayetteville, NC–Transportation Hub, 04/11

It is expected to open late May 2017

With the rays of the morning sun reflecting off the east-side windows, the nearly completed Bus Transportation Hub will soon open. It has been 12 years in the planning and building of this structure. It is located on Winslow Street between Franklin and Russel Streets–just over a block from the Amtrak Station. The Greyhound Bust Station will move there from Person street and it’s also a FAST [Fayetteville Area System Transit] Transfer Station. See this WRAL Video for more.

Photography ~ Photo Shoot–Evening Test Shots @ the Fayetteville, North Carolina Amtrak Station, 04/09

It will be nearly impossible to include a person and capture the station’s details.

I like the lighting–featured image @ 7:21 and the one below @ 7:04 pm.


Technology ~ Photography–SOLOSHOT3 | March Update, 03/31

There is little to cheer about today…

Well, another delay; but, we have shipping projections. If they hold, I should have my camera in June. That’s a month later than I had hoped after delays from spring 2016, having ordered January 22, 2016.

They tell us:

These are the dates your order is expected to ship from our warehouse in Southern California.

I’ll continue to work on audio. I’ve made GREAT progress. More on that later…