DIY [#36] ~ Tripod Holder for Rhino Rack Pioneer Plaform, 11/19

Now sealing for Rubberized Flex Seal Coating

This will be black, maybe with Color Flakes. It’s purpose is to hold the tripod shown on the Pioneer Platform on the top of my van. I will use 4 C-Clamps to attach the board to the rack. The finishing will probably take at least 2 more days. Stay tuned…


DIY [#35] ~ Camera Stand Clamp for Rhino Rack Pioneer Plaform, 11/18

One way I can use the van in photography and stay warm [or cool] as the case may be…

I plan to cover the metal with rubberized paint. I am using a rubber pad beneath the PlatyPod Max and pads on the inside of the slotted flat bars. The was a quick and easy DIY–all done but the finishing.

Pics of the camera stand on the van and pictures taken from atop the van using CamRanger and my iPad.
DIY [#35] Result Pics Collage

Photography ~ At the end of Nautical Twilight, Fayetteville, North Carolina–11/16

Yesterday–between 5:54 & 6:24 am EST

Timing & Length

twiligh-phasesThe duration of each twilight phase depends on the latitude and the time of the year. In locations where the Sun is directly overhead at noon – for example at the Equator during the equinoxes – the Sun traverses the horizon at an angle of 90°, making for swift transitions between night and day and relatively short twilight phases. For example, in Quito, Ecuador, which is very close to the Equator, civil twilight begins only about 21 minutes before sunrise during the equinoxes.

At higher latitudes, in both hemispheres, the Sun’s path makes a lower angle with the horizon, so the twilight phases last longer: