Technology For Sale ~ June 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 [256gb], 09/08

Buy it for less than 1/2 of what I paid for it.

Email [] me if interested.

In addition, I have 3 cases [1 Apple leather], an iPad 10.5″ keyboard, and an Apple Pencil for discounted sale–original Apple boxes for each Apple item.


Emergency Preparedness ~ Zello Walkie Talkie

If you are possibly in the path of Hurricane Irma, I recommend the Zello Walkie Talkie App. It was a godsend for many in Texas during Hurricane Harvey.  I am tuned into the Hurricane Irma Channel. It has very interesting listening–helpful & useful too.

Android App ~ iPhone/iPad App

Best to all…

DIY [#14] ~ Photographer’s Table & Sub-DIYs, 02/23

Rather than enumerate each one, I think of them a a part of the table.

Nonetheless, there was a separate build for each:

Photographer’s Table [Flickr 2017 DIY Album]

  1. Bowl Lift
  2. Catch Pan
  3. Background Gel Rig
  4. Gel Frame
  5. Special Lighting
  6. Pluto Valve Arm/Rig
  7. Reflector

At this point, I could have over 21 projects completed. There are other subs, as well.

2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Mod Update, 10/10

2 months 1 week, and 5 days [received 07/28]…

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  1. Bulkhead–COMPLETED, 08/04 [Story, 1st cmt.–a doozy!]
  2. Painted door panels–COMPLETED, 08/04
  3. Window wind deflectors–COMPLETED, 08/04
  4. 4′ x 6′ Rug–COMPLETED, 08/05
  5. Bike Transport Rig [BTR]–COMPLETED, 08/14
  6. Graphics–COMPLETED, 08/10
  7. Accent lighting [Chris’ work for 3 areas of accent lighting-rewired 08/26–08/28]. 7A [reflective tiles] and 7B [3-LED Cargo Area Light Switch] COMPLETED, 08/16. 7C is yet to come.
  8. Driver & Passenger side window tintingCOMPLETED, 08/18
  9. Thinkware F770 Dash CameraCOMPLETED, 08/25 [rewired power source 08/26]
  10. Rhino-Rack USA Trackmount Roof Rack–COMPLETED, 10/10 [ordered 09/05]. 
  11. Side Rails–No one has found running boards, side rails/skirts for this van.

FTC ~ Roof Rack–Rhino-Rack USA Vortex Trackmount Roof Rack [I did not install the roof rack today.], 10/06

It was not to be…

img_2829-cr2The answer to the question is: No rack install today.

On their second try [Tuesday & Thursday], the technician at Leonard’s did not drill through the roof above the cab. Further, I was told Tuesday they had drilled through 2 holes–NOT! Just one! I am sorely disappointed with the outcome of their work. There are other problems; but, I will not write about them here.

I purchased Cobalt Bits which are supposed to be  tough. I tried for about 5 hours and also did not get through the roof. I must now penetrate 5 of the 6 roof holes above the cab.

Next, I will try Tungsten Carbide Cutting Bits. This may take a lot longer…

FTC ~ Roof Rack–Rhino-Rack USA Vortex Trackmount Roof Rack [Not Installed Yet], 10/01

The roof above the cab is hardened, and that is good!

Good for roll-overs–not good if you are trying to penetrate it to install rails for a roof rack. To install the rail, I need to drill 9 holes for each rail–18 total. Six of them are above the cab area.

I began drilling Thursday after receiving the shipment. The first 6 were done in less than 15-minutes. I worked on the next 3 for about 5 hours–new drill [variable speed] included. No joy!!!

Today [Saturday], I drilled 6 holes for the nest rail and did not try the 3 above the cab. I called a rack installer. They are familiar with my plight; but, they cannot drill the 6 holes for me until Tuesday morning at 10:00 am.

Oh well…

Finally [so to speak] ~ my iPhone 7 Plus is to be delivered tomorrow, 09/29

I get to put my Bodyguardz Protectors to work. How many scratches will my Jet Black 7+ sustain over its life with me??? I won’t count; but, I will try to be careful.