Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, Day & Night, 04/17

The difference in pics taken during daylight and after dark

March 25, 2016, daylight photos and April 14, 2018, after dark photos

Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, After Dark, 04/14

As contrasted with daylight photos of this plant taken 2 years ago

March 25, 2016, daylight photos


Photography ~ Autumn–Early December Holly Tree, with a few berries, 12/08

Of course, at night and in the rain

Photography ~ An Autumn Surprise–Yucca Blooming, 10/07

This is a pleasant surprise!

Autumn YuccaI did not expect more yucca blooms until spring.

Photography ~ Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens, w/Canon EF 12 II Extension Tube, 07/19

Shot out of curiosity. It works

Liriope [Monkey Grass], now with purple flowers & green berries

Photography ~ Backyard at dusk–May peace be upon us, 06/20

Photography ~ Backyard–Landscape, A few snaps, 06/17

We have lots of blooms in this yard

I took these yesterday in an effort to test “offline” picture taking for dslrBooth. Apparently, not within the photo booth; but using their HashPrinter App, I can. That requires a $25.00 per quarter subscription. I need to make this work for our city’s new baseball park. The hope is that it will be ready for the 2018 baseball season.