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Call me chicken… Call me responsible.

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I think I did well…

Following are the RANS 2008 Citi Crank Forward Specifications, of note is the weight of 28.85 lbs. with the build as indicated.



The build weight is roughly 2 lbs less than the weight listed in the specs to the left. That’s even with bottle cage, bag bracket, bell, GPS bracket, handlebar grips, kickstand, & lights in place. My guess is the build weight is around 22 pounds. Not bad…

Fully loaded [right], that is: full water bottle, dynamo, GPS, & bag, with tools and spare tube inside, she weighs in at 31.83 pounds. That’s only 3 pounds over the manufacturer’s build weight. I’ll live with that!


Scale platform as my trike hauler

As mentioned before, the platform I built to weigh my trike has dual functions, to weigh Silk and to better secure her in my van for transport. Here are the pictures:

Silk Hauler

Silk Hauler Close-ups

Silk sleeps in the van tonight…

The functional utility of this platform is that I can also use it in my van to better and more easily secure the trike as I transport it. The tie-down bar and rear wheel stop facilitate this.

After getting her weight checked today, I placed the multifunctional weighing platform in the van. In this mode, it is used to tie down the trike. I’m using bungee cords to secure the trike. I want to get a longer black one to secure the rear of the trike. The platform works in the van as I had planned. I’ll take a few pictures and post them tomorrow.

Silk-lite, gets weighed

Having removed the panniers, rack, and rack bag, I weighed my Catrike 700 today. Those accessories off, Silk weighs in at 53 pounds. Again, that’s 33 pounds for the trike and 20 pounds for everything else, including water & tools. It is possible to ride lighter or heavier, relative to small items being removed or added. I do not think that would amount to 5lbs either way. Anyway, here are today’s photographs.


Scale display and its base

I have finished the modification [earlier I wanted to, but did not have the wheel from my LBS] to the scale head or display. This is my novel approach to replacing the pole that would have connected the display to the scale. I’m using a 20″ wheel where is dished as flat as possible on one side. I placed the display connector on the top-side of the wheel. I use an axle to tie it all together. To avoid buying a fatter tire, I’m using 4 rubber pads on the bottom-side of the tire for ground contact. Works for me…

More collages are in my flickr Workstand, etc. Set. I now have to weigh Silk in her lite-mode [panniers, rack, and rack-bag removed].

No wheel for my scale head today

I was busy doing computer stuff anyway. I hope to get the wheel tomorrow. I’m hoping to have one side of the wheel flattened. My wrench [LBS lead mechanic] is off today. So, I have to wait until tomorrow to know that it can be done and to place the scale head on it. Okay, With all the other work, I got the final weigh of a loaded Catrike 700. It comes at a weight of 33 lbs. Add 27 lbs of gear, accessories, equipment, and water and I have a 60 lb trike. Actually, the weight is just a few tenths below the 60-pound mark. Again, this is Silk in the touring mode. Tomorrow, I’ll check her weight in the lite-mode. This is the mode she is normally ridden in. Of course, I took a few pictures again today and here they are.