DIY ~ Ford Transit Connect XLT Van [rollout kitchen finishings–potable water storage–now filled…], 09/10

…with water, just in case, for Hurricane Florence

This 10-foot 5/8″ hose will eventually be connected to the mobile kitchen that I will place on the roll-out shelf. In the meantime [for this storm] I have water stored in case I need it.

Collision Photography ~ Water Droplets–Setup Update, 02/22

A few tweaks–here & there…

First: Please see my first effort at photographing the collision of water droplets.

Next: My Photograph Table continues to evolve. I moved the Pluto Trigger from the mini tripod sitting on the table to the right side of the gel frame for a better line to the camera’s IR Sensor. The flash controller is off the camera and on the left side of the table. Last Sunday, I changed the Pluto Valve Arm. I have two shot of it below. The camera is in tighter than it was for my purple gel shots. The next set will be with the orange gel. You see it here. See related photo in this Flickr Album.

Collision Photography ~ Water Droplets–Getting Started, 02/21

After resolving an apparent problem with flash delay, I have my first collisions.

That is a droplet colliding with the rebound column of the preceding droplet.

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I have seen many beautiful pictures of Droplet Photography–like Rick’s. I know for sure it is NOT easy–at least not for me. I want a taller column to begin with. Then, it takes the right timing to get a collision and the forming of a crown by the second [follow] droplet. Camera position matters as well. Rick has very nice height and camera angle. Cheers to him!!!