Fargo Quadricycle ~ My Assessment

Fargo gathers a crowd in Lowell, MassachusettsBuilt by: Utah Trikes [Ashley Guy]

Base Trike: Catrike Expedition

Drive Train: Schlumpf HSD; Rohloff Speed Drive; Samagaga Differential. Added–SON Dynamo [removed after Day 04–issues with the battery to be charged]

Miles ridden: 300

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I find this cycle a joy to ride, although about half the speed I think reasonable. Of course, I take all the speed I can get. Following is my assessment after nearly 2 weeks of riding and 300 miles. The miles ridden may have been more without the mechanical problems experienced. Many have expressed the sorrow that I was not able to continue on the tour. Please do not be saddened. Ashley and I have valuable information. We’ll make adjustments and get back on the road. The destination may be slightly different, but a tour none-the-less. I’m excited to have a real model versus a virtual model to make changes on.

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A tool I need…

This is a torque wrench designed for cyclist. I’ve wanted on for years, but have not purchased one. With my upcoming RANS Citi build, I want to do the majority of my assembly. This will help. I learned of it from El Cargonista’s flickr photostream. The wrench is made in Italy. This version, the basic, comes without bits, of which I have many.

Now, the question becomes when to buy?