Video ~ Time-Lapse–We are Friends [The Feisty Five], 10/03

These guys are busy, all day, every day…

Event ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina’s 4th Friday & The Opening Night of the 39th International Folk Festival [the faster one], 09/22

Time-lapse Video–the shorter version

The longer version allows the viewer to see a more detail.


Event ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina’s 4th Friday & The Opening Night of the 39th International Folk Festival, 09/22

Time-lapse Video–the longer version

There is music. The volume level is low on my PC but at a nice level on my smart devices.


Photography/Technology ~ Xsories Weye Feye, 07/05

Another piece of kit. This replaces the Cam Ranger I had planned to get.

1391007526000_1025800 weye Fey…for $99.99 versus $299.99 and with functions I can live with especially for $200 less.Yes, the CamRanger has more functions and is “pricey.” I found this jewel [Weye Feye] while searching for alternatives for remote DSLR control. Its price is down from $250.

To buy or not to buy, [you know the rest].

After reading several reviews, seeing the savings, and my desire to photograph remote from the camera, I decided to buy.

I ordered it last Thursday but had to wait until today [Tuesday, 07/05] for delivery by UPS. At least, I did not have to wait until 9:04 pm as I did last Friday night for items with an estimated delivery windows of 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Thanks for that!

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Video ~ A Chicken Time-Lapse, 03/13/2014

I hope you like…

Photography ~ Time-Lapse [Cucumber Seedlings] ~ The Movie, 03/10

It is up! 1,440jpg [still images] to make this 48 second time-lapse movie. I shot at 1 minute intervals from yesterday @ 01:31 am until this morning @ 3:31 am.  Also uploaded to Flickr

DIY ~ Germinating/Seeding Station, 03/07

Interesting DIY. I only bought 3 eight-foot pieces of wood [2×10, 2×4, & 1×2] and a few screws to connect them. All the other stuff I had. The bottom piece [2×10] is from the project I built at the same time. I may publish its article tomorrow [It is DONE!]. Back to the task at hand…

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