DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [for camping–taller privacy configuration], 07/04

Now covers the Xtreme…

Tall CanopyThis taller canopy [weeks before] can keep one from getting wet coming out the camper doors, it is not a good use of the canopy’s 100 square feet and gives little privacy. I see it as only being practical for camper protection from light hailstones. I do not expect to use this layout for rain protection. I think some type of rain fly to cover the doorways is better. We shall see…


DIY [#37] ~ Rhino-Rack Stand Alone Base Tent 1300–Evaluating Configurations, 12/19

Two possible configuration with the van



Later, I will add two 1300 Side Walls for the SunSeeker Dome Awning. In the adjacent configuration the side wall will likely be used as a rain-fly. Otherwise, It would block the front door of the Stand Alone  Base Tent. Eventually, I hope to add the Rhino-Rack Tagalong Tent. If so, it will go at the end of the Dome.