Photography ~ Around Sunset–Downtown Fayetteville, NC [The Systel Building], 11/10

With Golden Hour Lighting

Earlier pictures



Photography ~ Saturday Evening–Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina, 10/20

Shots from the First Baptist Church [Anderson & Old Streets] parking lot. I met their pastor, Rob James.

At times, the sky was fiery red.

I shared with Pastor James pictures I have taken of his church, to include texting him a link to my dedicated album for his church pictures.

Photography ~ Friday Afternoon & Evening–Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina, 10/19

Somewhat unremarkable…

Photography ~ Around Sunset–Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina, 10/18

From the Rowan Street Bridge–the part that is under construction…

Pictures from a perspective I have not seen…

Photography ~ Sunset–Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina, 09/28

At Cross Creek Park & First Baptist Church at Anderson and Old Streets


Photography ~ Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina—West End, 09/25 & 09/26



Photography ~ Downtown Sunset, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 09/18

Captured one with my DSDLR and two with my iPhone X

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