Photography ~ The Sun, 800mm Super Telephoto taken at First Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 08/18

We have more SunSpots.

I think these are reasonably good images [08/04 pics] for an object 93,000,000 miles away. In many ways, I wish it were more than a disc and on Monday, a disc with a black disc in front of it, except for those who experience totality. If I risk possible rain and cloudiness, maybe I could get a once-in-a-lifetime capture. I think I settling on capturing a banana sun.

It is the photographic challenge that inspires us…

Photography ~ Planning5–08/21 Solar Eclipse, 08/18

On-Site Validation and the end of my planning for 08/21 photos

This validation was helpful and will save time Monday. I know where I should place equipment to best capture the eclipse on the First Presbyterian Church Grounds.

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It is not where I set up on arrival [above]. The sun’s path is masked more than I thought by the oak tree behind my equipment. Clear sky is necessary for easy tracking and usable pictures–at least I hope so… I relocated here and believe it is best of the options at the church.

Anyway, I will be proximate to my three systems.

Gear/Kit I plan to use 08/21 for the Partial Solar Eclipse in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 08/17

A precursor of things to come…

Hopefully, I will capture the sun as the moon passes between it and the earth, casting its shadow upon us–a partial eclipse for this town; record a timelapse video, using my iPad, of ground activity at the First Presbyterian Church; and, record a ground-level video, using my Sony HandyCam, of things near my setup.Kit for Eclipse--Night Pics

Event ~ Solar Eclipse–August 21, 2017, more getting ready–decorating is finished, 08/16

Silver Eyes…

I finished the woodwork just over a month ago. Olivia delivered her artwork yesterday. Thank you, Olivia! I put the solar filter in today and snapped these pictures.

They are not your typical cardboard eye protection.