Photography ~ Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law’s Tongue], 01/29

This plant continues to thrive.

Last photographed 10/29.img_6104-cr2

Plants ~ Four Sansevierias–Still Growing Well, 01/29

My last update was 3 months ago–10/29

I photographed them using the mirror in my B&W Room. Above is a collage of 3 photos. They are the plants in the tray at the end of October.img_6098-cr2

Photography ~ Still Life-3 Yellow Roses, 01/28


Photography ~ Still Life-Lilac Vase [gallery], 01/28

Lighting & Reflections

I used a lilac [purple] filters on the left side light and the continuous light on the right. Flash was used where you see the top of the mirror better illuminated.

Photography ~ Still Life-An Urn & A Vase, 01/28

Lighting is the key…