DIY [#15] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table Stand, 02/27

Another DIY is finished…

The stand I used to hold the platter [pictured] in my 02/26 article.

Photography ~ Still Life–”A” is for Artis, 02/27

I’m still working with the orange theme.

These are photos of a clear glass platter with an etched letter “A.” I used a DIY stand to hold the platter. I’ll publish an article about this DIY around noon today–Monday, 02/27. Stay tuned…

Photography ~ Still Life–Praying Hands, 02/26

Lighting’s dramatic effects…


Technology ~ AirPods, 02/26

I’ve had these a while now… [since 01/04]

Apple AirPodsairpods

DIY [#14] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table [modified special lighting background reversed pics], 02/23

The diffusser side facing forward

No more black between lens. Three of the pics have the light source turned up. The featured image has max brightness with the light source at the top.

Photography ~ Still Life, with Special Background Lighting, 02/23

Alabaster Eggs are popular on Flickr

See these here

The Horn

DIY [#14] ~ Photography–Photographer’s Table [modified special lighting background pics], 02/23

The differences are subtile

Perhaps more visible to the eye [after this mod] than the camera.horn