Stats ~ Flickr Views–3 Million Milestone Realized Early AM EST, 11/10

A sweet moment, as captured on my PC

Albeit 2 years and 9 months later–sweet nonetheless. Thanks to all who have viewed any of my Flickr pictures.

Flickr Stats ~ Celebrating A Centenarian–Thelma Page Burnett, 07/03

422 Flickr Views [some of other pictures]. Here are 4 w/twenty or more views.

Flickr Album

With 22 views [for the first two and 20 views for the others. Position in the photostream is a factor.

Photography ~ Worship Service–Easter Sunday [Perspective–EOD Flickr Stats], 03/28

2016-03-28_20-00-30 EOD Stat

7,068 Flickr Views in a 24 hour period is a GREAT day. In fact, it ranks second in my all-time experience on Flickr [since June 2006]. Also of note, the photographs became viewable around 1:00 am or 5 hours after the start of the statistical day.


Photography ~ Worship Service–Easter Sunday [Flickr Stats @ 10:10 am EDT], 03/27

They are BOOMING! Thanks to all the viewers. I appreciate you!

My article from earlier this morning.
2016-03-28_10-09-11 Flickr Stat Graph

2016-03-28_10-06-42 Flickr StatsClick to enlarge.

Blog ~ Stats–Unusual Spikes, 03/12 & 03/13

These are anomolies…

Very different–Saturday & Sunday, March 12th & 13th respectively, had a high number of pageviews by a relatively small number of visitors [427/86 & 624/87]. It seems the hits were from Google searches. Once they were here, they looked around. I’m not complaining, just curious.
2016-03-14_21-28-08 Spike

Blog ~ Stats–PageViews, 03/09

Yesterday was almost like old times–more than 300 daily PageViews…

I’m happy to see the 230 though.


Thanks to my many viewers!

Blog ~ Stats–Twenty Sixteen Theme Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 03/06

Keep it coming…

2016-03-06_23-06-22 CSSI am delighted to see viewer interest in the Twenty Sixteen Cascading Style Sheet [CSS]. Although the statistical  day does not end for another 40 minutes, you have set the day high view mark at 20 for this page. THANKS!

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