Snow [Fayetteville, North Carolina] ~ Icicles I, 02/13

CRW_5413.CRW_5_icecycle2_HDRLooking for nice scenery. More snow is due this afternoon…

Snow [Fayetteville, North Carolina] ~ After the Freezing Rain Began, 02/12 Nighttime

Captured several night shots as rain fell. We now have freezing rain, following the snow and sleet. The HDR processing introduces some graininess–more than I want.

Snow [Fayetteville, North Carolina] ~ More, 02/12 blast

Experienced our 2nd round of snow late morning. It has transitioned to sleet, then to be followed by freezing rain. Pictures & videos.

Cedar Farms ~ Chickens & Snow, 02/11/2014

Their behavior is certainly different when the white stuff falls. Pics

Snow [Fayetteville, North Carolina] ~ More, 02/11, with another blast, 02/12

Today, 02/11, somewhere around 2-3″. Tomorrow, about the same, with up to .5″ of ice. It all looks very pretty–enchanting. More pics

Last snowfall, 01/28 & 01/29.

Snow ~ A first for my 3yr, 8mo. old chickens, 01/29/2014

It is very interesting to watch a animal experience something new. The chickens were born May 2011. I’ve witnessed all of their behavior, antics, etc. I think they are more reserved with the white stuff on the ground.

Stay tuned…

BTW, more pics here

Snow ~ We got a bit, 01/28 through 01/29/2014, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Holly berries, with snowSeveral more in this Snow Set.