Photography ~ Autumn–Early November Pyracantha, 11/03

A small number of berries as compared to last year.

Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, Day & Night, 04/17

The difference in pics taken during daylight and after dark

March 25, 2016, daylight photos and April 14, 2018, after dark photos

Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, After Dark, 04/14

As contrasted with daylight photos of this plant taken 2 years ago

March 25, 2016, daylight photos


Photography ~ Pyracantha–Winter Berry Collection, 02/24

Fourteen Photographs

Photography ~ Pyracantha–Winter Berries After 9 More Days, 02/24

These berries’ end is nigh…

Link to Pyracantha pictures I took last week

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Photography ~ Pyracantha–Winter Berries, 02/15

Showing the effects of the winter…

Photography ~ Winter–Snow at Home, West Side, 01/17

A bit more than a dusting…