YBST ~ Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles–Quarterly Update & Birthday #2, 04/23

Just IP Camera Screen Captures

Congrats to the feisty-five for this being two years in my care. My hope was that this shoot would have been taken with the SOLOSHOT3. Manufacturing delays prevented that. I did not want to take DSLR or smartphone photos. I hope for the pics I want, come July 23rd or thereabouts. This time I mark the occasion with IP Camera pictures.

Photography/Technology ~ Xsories Weye Feye gives me a look [refining], 03/29

I am getting closer to the capture I want–all made with the app.

The featured image shows what I see on the iPhone Screen.

DSLR Capture
DSLR Capture

I have to move a few items that still show after the crop.

DSLR Capture Cropped [flash not used for these test shots]
DSLR Capture Cropped [flash not used for these test shots]

YBST ~ Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles–a peek today, 03/08

There are two more here someplace…


YBST ~ Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles–a glimpse from 8 days ago, 03/06

The feisty-five are very active [02/26]…

As captured from my IP Cameras

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My next quarterly update is April 23rd.

I hope to take pictures with the SOLOSHOT3.

Remote Control:

At the touch of a finger you can instantly toggle between manual control and automatic tracking using the SOLOSHOTapp. In addition, a viewfinder preview of the Camera that you’re currently controlling is displayed on your device.

Stay tuned…

Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS [ScreenGrab], 12/10

This documens the results of the CSS change for those who read the blog using the reader.

Come over and grab Twenty Sixteen CSS Coding for your blog.


Change article.

Foscam IP ScreenGrabs After Rock Bridge ~ Aquatic Habitat & Basking YBST

Apparently, a turtle’s playground.

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Foscam IP ScreenGrabs Before Rock Bridge ~ Aquatic Habitat & Basking YBST

I call them the Feisty-Five