Maria Parker ~ metrics ~ Vendetta Century, 10/01

The look of a Champion The Champion's Metrics

The weather was tough ~ Maria perservered

Maria Parker ~ Another video short [47 seconds]

Maria in the final yards
The bike she rode--Cruzbukke Vendetta

It is unofficial; but, it looks like she did it—reset her 100-mile record to 4hrs, 27 min, & 19sec Congratulations Maria Parker!!!

Maria Parker ~ a record reset–4 hrs, 27 min, & 19 sec

Maria Parker (2)

Although not official yet, Maria Parker rode a Cruzbike Vendetta for a century (100 miles) in the time you see above. She bested the record she set for the same distance last year. There she rode 12 hours for just over 241 mile. That a bunch on a bike folks. Congratulations to Maria and her crew.

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White Oak Century, 10/01 & 10/02 ~ Update

Maria's Loop Here is the latest information I have from Dr. Parker:

1) Maria plans to start [weather permitting] at 6:00 a.m. Friday morning, 10/01 versus 6:30. Please tune in early. This century will likely be over before 11:00 a.m. EDT.

2) Mike arrives in North Carolina tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, 09/30. He will not give the Vendetta a spin until Maria has completed her century. He will see the route, but not likely ride it before his record attempt on Saturday morning. We’ll have his ride decision Friday afternoon—Silvio or Vendetta.

There you have it. I look forward to interacting with you Friday and Saturday. –jim

Champion Maria Parker tries to reset her 100 mile record

Maria Parker

This is to occur Friday, October 1, 2010, at White Oak, North Carolina.  Not on the Yellow Bike. Not even a Silvio, but on the Cruzbike Vendetta she rode in July. To reset her record Maria wants to maintain a 21.5 mph average, which correspond to a time of 4:39:04. Dr. Parker, Maria husband, says:

Maria is working on her Masters degree and has had less time for training this summer. But, she is going to try to re-set her 100 mile record on the Vendetta on 1 OCT (this Friday morning). You saw one of her first rides on the Vendetta in late July. She’s hasn’t ridden it exclusively since then, but has logged about 500 miles on it now.

Many of us know Maria Parker from her October 2009 record setting ride and/or we know her for her first-time ride on the Vendetta this past summer. I have taken pictures , recorded videos, and published articles that may familiarize you with Maria. She also has a facebook profile. This link will connect you to my Maria Parker work in this blog. You will have to skip over articles where I’m working on a project, but mention her name. Here is my flickr photostream of Maria’s riding. I uploaded 2 YouTube videos of Maria: Maria Parker’s Vendetta Cruise and the Post Ride. Then, there is my 46-seconds of Maria, uploaded to VideoPress. Now, we await Friday for more. I plan to be there. BROL Thread & Cruzbike Thread.

Maria’s record setting ride, October 10, 2009

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Zeke’s Ride ~ Route Trout [metric century—66 miles], 08/21

Zeke's ride

We now await the story. I suspect Zeke has finished. I think he may have finished about 12:45 EDT. CONGRATULATIONS Zeke!!!