Photography ~ Pyracantha–During Rain, 10/16

It just was not raining hard enough…

Eventually, I will capture the falling rain as I desire. Yesterday, it was not to be. I need almost a torrential downpour to have sufficient droplets to work with freezing their motion and appearance before whatever background. We have no rain in our forecast for the next week…

I can see a few places where the rain has formed a droplet on leaves & berries.

Oh, I shot this picture with my Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens. See EXIF data here.


DIY [#31] ~ Rain Cover–CamRanger System, evolving… 10/08

Now, with wheels! Do I call it a “rain-caddy, rain-car, or rain-cart”?

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I arrived at a wheel to blend the top and bottom and not have to fashion a fascia. Wheels are also practical and I have 4 from a wagon whose steering is broken. I thought I was at a no-cost DIY until I found a wheel not holding air. I replaced them at Northern Tools @ $4.99 a piece, plus tax–not bad… I think we have a cool looking buggy that will protect my CamRanger Rig from rain or snow. Next–clean-up.