Photography ~ Autumn–Early November Pyracantha, 11/03

A small number of berries as compared to last year.

Photography ~ Pyracantha–Winter Berry Collection, 02/24

Fourteen Photographs

Photography ~ Pyracantha–Winter Berries After 9 More Days, 02/24

These berries’ end is nigh…

Link to Pyracantha pictures I took last week

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Photography ~ Pyracantha–Winter Berries, 02/15

Showing the effects of the winter…

Photography ~ Wintry Mix, 01/17

Squirrel eats Pyracantha Berries

By this time of day, the rain was to have been snow–still waiting…


Photography ~ Berries through a window, 10/20

Inspired by what I see lying in my bed…


Camera Roll

Photography ~ Pyracantha–During Rain, 10/16

It just was not raining hard enough…

Eventually, I will capture the falling rain as I desire. Yesterday, it was not to be. I need almost a torrential downpour to have sufficient droplets to work with freezing their motion and appearance before whatever background. We have no rain in our forecast for the next week…

I can see a few places where the rain has formed a droplet on leaves & berries.

Oh, I shot this picture with my Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens. See EXIF data here.