Which font for you? [my quad has a name]

~ In the spirit of the Old West and the days of stagecoaches ~


??? Which font do you think should be used for this HPV Quadricycle ???


Captain Howdy

Captain Howdy

Carnival MF
Carnival MF

Coffee Tin

Coffee Tin


Edmunds Distressed

Edmunds Distressed

Gringo Nights

Gringo Nights




Vanilla Whale

Vanilla Whale


Whistle Stop

Whistle Stop

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…and the winner is

Thanks for your votes. You have selected Font *A* [Silk Script Regular] as the best font for me to use on the fairing for my Catrike 700. I appreciate your participation in this poll.

Voting results:

Cast your vote

Which of the two fonts below [A or B] do you like best for my Goblin Motors Fairings? Voting ends at midnight Sunday, May 17, 2009.

A. Silk Script Regular

Silk Script Regular

B. Silk Script Alt

Silk Script Alt

The results are FINAL!

Congratulations to each of you who submitted your stories to my BROL thread wrapping up the 2008 riding year. As noted by several posters, your stories are inspirational. So much so, that I asked readers to vote for the story they found most inspirational.

Well, the votes and in and the poll is closed. We now give Special Congratulation to the top three vote recipients: [full chart]

  1. Bud Bent [39.53%]
  2. Squamish ed [32.56%]
  3. Trsnrtr [9.3%]

Special THANKS to Bryan Ball, ‘BentRider Managing Editor, and ‘BentRiders Online [BROL] for supporting my efforts with this endeavor.  Bryan has agreed to the following gifts for the top three vote recipients:

  1. First Place – Bud Bent – a ‘BentRider Jersey
  2. Second Place – Squamish ed – a 1-year ‘BentRider Member Status
  3. Third Place – Trsnrtr – a ‘BentRider Water Bottle

Again, we are all winners to have the opportunity to read your stories [all 18 of them]. Of significance is the fact that you wrote your stories with no knowledge of recognition or reward for sharing your ’08 riding experiences. I thank you for submitting your stories and I thank those who continue to share their riding experiences in my original BROL thread. I also give special thanks to those of you who voted, and thereby gave us the opportunity to honor our fellow riders for their stories and the inspiration they bring.

When times are hard come back to this thread for a motivational charge.

THANKS to all!

Jim Artis

The top three stories follow:

BlackBerry ~ PDA Poll results

Now, after 8 additional votes ~ TOTAL 20 [last update] [click image to enlarge]:


I have closed this poll. Thanks for your participation!

BlackBerry ~ PDA Poll results so far…

PDA Poll

Voting continues…

There is nothing definitive yet–too few votes. Voters can see the results before or after voting by selecting “View Results.” I’m sharing what I’m able to see at Polldady.com [click the image to enlarge]. Thanks for sharing your opinion. –jim

I’m connected! ~ No, I’m NOT!

If you maintain [or do not] an Internet connection regardless of your location, what do you use? Please indicate your choice by completing the poll below. Thanks!

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