Photography ~ Time-Lapse [Sweet Potato Vine]

I had 2 GoPro Hero 1080p HD Cameras that were just sitting. Both are now employed. One in the living/dinning room to capture growth of the vine and the other in the backyard [now elevated]. I think I’ll move it to get close-ups of the chickens. I may make a trial time-lapse video tonight. I did itRelated Pictures

Plants ~ Sweet Potato Vine, 02/16/2014

I’ve long wanted to grow a sweat potato vine indoors, as I recall from my childhood. Now, I am doing so following last year’s sweet potato harvest. I think I started this a little over a month ago. I look to see it fully fill the tree it is growing on. More pics… Stay tuned…

Plants ~ Sansevieria Trifasciata, 01/08/2014

Last summer, my Sansevieria Trifasciata surprised me by blooming. Apparently, it was happy, that is the conditions for blooming were met. Now, I have lots of new growth.

Again, I think it is happy. I’m wondering if we will see blooms again this summer???