DIY [#32] ~Cold Weather Frame Remodeling–Mini Greenhouse, 10/30

Progressing toward completion…

Here’s the plan: 1) Finish the two side panels by adding two 2-foot pieces of plywood at the bottom of both sides. 2) Cut about 4 polygons in the panels to see in and allow light in. 3) Build two triangle frames–front and back. 4) Paint 5)Cover the front and back panels with Twinwall Polycarbonate. Each panel can be removed

DIY [#32] ~ Repurposed DIY Firewood Rack on Wheels–Now, a cold weather frame, 10/29

…for a warming tent for Mercedes–my “outdoor” avocado

Three years and 8 months ago, I built this firewood rack. A few days ago, I moved about 1/2 cord of wood to compost bins I built January 2012 and decided yesterday to repurpose the empty rack.

Will it help me keep the avocado alive this winter? I will probably make removable side panels using the tarpaulin or see-through plastic. Stay tuned…

Home ~ Photography–Interior Decorating [kitchen–after dark], 10/19

Lighting & Perspective

Home ~ Photography–Interior Decorating [kitchen], 10/18

The plants are in their wintering place.

Photography ~ Gardening–Content Plants [Citronella & Sansevieria Trifasciata], 09/16

…or so they seem…








For the most part, I am getting nice healthy growth from most of my plants. The end of September [09/25] marks a year since I added these plants. Boy, have they done well! I am amazed how aromatic and easy to grow, even in pots, citronellas are. I will probably winter this one indoors. It goes back to 06/03.

Avocado [Mercedes] ~ Progress Update [new growth], 12/01

Looking at that new growth at the top–LOTS of it!

Again, now 44-inches tall [from the soil in the pot].

Avocado [Mercedes] ~ Progress Update, 12/01

First quarterly update following the 09/01 monthly. Since being indoors, lots of new growth at the top.

I reported she was 38″ tall in August 2016–one year old. Mercedes is now 44″ tall.