DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [a place for solar components], 05/27

Reclaimed space beneath the front counter.


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Home ~ Backyard ~ Gazebo ~ Decorating planning, 06/05

Individual pictures in my flickr Gazebo Set.

Super Bowl XLV ~ The Artis Party, 02/06 ~ Invitations

SB Inv [ticket] 1

Invitations, in the form of events tickets, have been designed, ordered, and shipped. I expect them Friday, 12/24,  and will mail them Monday, 12/27.

Other preparation continues, especially yard work. My debris pile gets taller and then shrinks from the shear weight of trees I sawed down and placed on the pile.

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AR.Drone ~ ARTommy’s Augmented Reality Game ~ AR.Escape

dronecontrol GameDecember 2nd we learned there will be a single-player augmented reality game app for the AR.Drone and that game from ARTommy, developer of DroneControl. Well, the single-player game now has a name—AR.Escape.

Tommy has given us some new screen shots and a AR.Escape Teaser Video {in my sidebar}. Release before Christmas is looking possible. At least, ARTommy thinks so.

Super Bowl XLV ~ The Artis Party, 02/06

200px-Super_Bowl_XLV.svgI announced in my last article that we [Alma & myself] will host a Super Bowl Party in our home on the big day. Unique for our guest will be the integration of technology to make the occasion memorable and enjoyable. 

I’m looking to integrate photography, videography, 3 HDTVs and 2 computers, plus my iPhone into the occasion and to do it all seamlessly and we serve as host & hostess. I’ll also use my cooking skills to prepare a scrumptious meal. Alma is excited enough that she wants to do a pre-Super Bowl Party—say a small set for Christmas. We have been preparing the guest areas for the occasion.

I have been adding the hardware and asking product questions to ensure I’ll be able to do this with one cable-vision set top box and then stream the video to two other TVs. Using a SlingBox Pro HD, I have all my cable programming at my PC and my iPhone. The key piece now is the distribution of the TV to other sets. I hope to use a “Sling Extender”. That is Dish Network’s marketing name for Sling Media’s Sling Receiver 300. It is not yet on the market, although I have a point of contact for it as well as the possibility of being a field tester. Beyond that, if Fox TV streams to a TV source that integrates with Apple TV, then I do not have to have a Sling Extender. What will the next 40 days hold?

It will be cool to integrate a biking event sometime earlier in the day. At this point, none of the guest are cyclist. Now, if my friend Roger Zoul were to come, that would be a different matter. The planning continues.

Apple TV ~ The next chapter, 12/05

ATV2 Media_speakers20100901Last week, I [along with Apple support] resolved the issue [see my 12/02 comment] I was having with HomeSharing within iTunes for my Apple TV2. Since then, I have used my ATV2 with 2 of my audio/video systems. I am very pleased with the easy integration of multiple sound systems and the accompanying video display. So much so, that I have 2 more ATV2s on the way.

Actually, we will host a Super Bowl XLV Party, with a super after party, where I plan to integrate pictures of guest from earlier in the day, either from my PC or my flickr account and music to dance by, played from 3 sound systems in different parts of the house—true surround sound. An ATV2 is not a bad investment for what you get. I think its capability is just beginning. BTW, I can control it all from my iPhone using the Apple iTunes Remote App.

Just a technology update [geekness] from Jim. Hey, This is fun and exciting for me.

AR.Drone ~ GUESS WHAT??? Another Augmented Reality Game…

dronecontrol Game…and maybe by Christmas. This one from the developer of Drone Control, Tommy Kammerer [ARTommy]. This may be the first 3rd party single player game for the AR.Drone from Parrot [who currently has AR.Pursuit for sale]. I’ll bet you want more…

Tommy has a few screenshots up on his site and a teaser YouTube video. Looks like we get to see how a drone evades getting hit. Anyway, another AR.Drone App for the gaming set of drone owners—could be the perfect stocking stuffer.