DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [testing Canon 6D exposure settings], 07/07

Shot with a stationary camera and a 100mm lens.


This is another test after my 03/31 check. More likely, I will shoot with the camera in hand using my 50mm or 24mm lens. I need a model to evaluate exposure. Nonetheless, I am learning my shooting environment. I will be great the have the Nanoleaf Canvas–expected late November of this year.

Their canvas uses 15cm [5.90551-inch] square panels. I’ll place 9 [a single column of 6″ square panels or 54-inches] on each of the two wings. I guessed right on the wings height and width. Yeah!

Stay tuned…



Special Days ~ Mother’s Day 2018

Mom knew me less than 3 weeks. I did not consciously know her. I was a mere 21 days old when she died.

Fannie Council Artis

Fannie Caroline Council Artis
May 29, 1919 ~ January 7, 1946

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers and to those who are mothers to or for someone.