DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [testing Canon 6D exposure settings], 07/07

Shot with a stationary camera and a 100mm lens.


This is another test after my 03/31 check. More likely, I will shoot with the camera in hand using my 50mm or 24mm lens. I need a model to evaluate exposure. Nonetheless, I am learning my shooting environment. I will be great the have the Nanoleaf Canvas–expected late November of this year.

Their canvas uses 15cm [5.90551-inch] square panels. I’ll place 9 [a single column of 6″ square panels or 54-inches] on each of the two wings. I guessed right on the wings height and width. Yeah!

Stay tuned…


Photography ~ Post-Processing [Photolemur or not], 07/06

Is it any good? You be the judge.

Above are 5 pictures I took with my iPhone X of storm clouds to my south. I then used my trial version of Photolemur to enhance the photographs [below the original and with their watermark].

They say:

Photolemur is an absolutely automatic photo enhancer that uses Artificial Intelligence to apply all the enhancements your image needs, on its own. All you have to do is to import your image to the app, and the photo enhancer does everything else automatically from there.

Certainly, the colors are more vivid. One can adjust how vivid by using a slider before the file is exported or after [requires exporting again]. So, what do you think?

Photolemur is running a promotion where one can buy @ 35% off [$35 versus $99]. Some of my Facebook friends have commented. Their newest version is 2.3.

The program seems to be better suited for process a small number of photos versus large batches of hundreds. The trial version does not allow batch processing; therefore, I cannot give a time estimate for large batches.

I’m still evaluating…


Photography ~ Photo Shoot–Caribbean Connection Festival, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 06/24

Pictures by Frank B Maness of Fayetteville.

Thank you Frank for capturing these pictures of me at work. I appreciate it!!!

Photography ~ Mobile Studio–Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme, 05/18

Picked up my camper/mobile studio this past Friday, 05/18

I have been working since to set it to work for me.

Photography ~ Backyard Landscaping–Added More Liriope [Monkey Grass], 05/21

Now, to wait for this to fill in like the other you see in the photos.

The west side…

DIY [# 19] ~ Videography–Sound Truck, w/Sound Shark & More–Adjustments, 05/10

Moved a few things around and better prepared the truck for transport

Pics with slight lighting variations

Dinner ~ Spinach & Kale, with Kielbasa by jalex–It was SO GOOD! 05/09

Add feta cheese, sliced boiled eggs, and spices

I could have eaten the whole thing.IMG_3850

Normally, I would have had mushrooms. I forgot them. The flavors…