I got buzzed

Not by a car [I had the lane to myself] or pest, but by the rocky road that’s left when they remove the top surface to repave the road. Here I am ridding on a 55 mph highway, expecting to sail along, and find myself on the rough surface and feeling every vibration–they actually felt good [kind of like a massage].

Little did I know, they had done the same on the other side of the highway. So, when I crossed over as I made my left turn at speed, I hit the sharp edge of the old surface. The result: a pinch flat–no snake bite, just one hole. I did not know I had flatted until I was ready to load Silk into my van.

es, my van. The ride was to pick up my repaired van–FINALLY. Since May 16, I have ridden just at 100 commuting miles. It could have been more, but I opted to spend 3 nights at my customer site–saving about 30 miles.

ow that I have my van back, I have to continue to commute with one of my cycles [my Trek Project One, with compact chain rings is ready for pick up]. Certainly, I have benefited from the fuel savings.

Silk garnered her normal attention as I rode in and parked. The mechanics stopped and came out to peer and others asked many questions. One gentleman was surprised that Silk has carried me over 100 miles on a single ride, etc. The fun continues. I hope I did not damage anything else from the hard hit.

I‘ve ridden in about every cycle/auto circumstance likely for my town. We are ready to ride [the trike] anytime, anyplace. I had already arrive at that point on my DFs and my RANS Stratus XP. I have not ridden the VK2 at night. I’ve got to add that to my resume. It’s all good.

e safe and ENJOY!