FINALLY! My Garmin Watch is over…

All of my MotionBased Activities [472] have been migrated to Garmin Connect!  At this point, I cannot tell you when the migration began, but I know it took a long time.

Garmin Watch [monitor the migration of my activities from my MotionBased Digest to Garmin Connect as of 2:18 p.m. 11/23. NO activities remain to be migrated.

Migrated Total MB Activities Total GC Activities
452 452 475
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I’m glad it is complete.

GC update 09/05/22 @ 2:55:26 PM

Update: All of 2003-06 has been halted. We are now putting 100% cpu to small activities of 2009 to get those that have uploaded since April 2009.

I only have 3 activities in the "since April 2009" category. Neither of my 3 have migrated yet. It’s a slow riding season for me.

GC update from the MB Message Board

Here is an update:

1.9 million activities have been migrated, we are currently in the range that was uploaded in the year 2003 – 2004. That’s why fast_hobbit hasn’t seen anything new lately. Also, we are doing small activities first. There will be multiple passes each pass getting larger and larger activities. So for fast_hobbit, you can take a look and see that all of your activities have less than 1000 trackpoints, which is part of the plan. The remainder of your activities will come in the subsequent passes.

This information was posted on the MotionBased Message Board yesterday, 05/21. My migrated activities in GC continue to slowly increase. Remember my Garmin Watch Box on my Notes Page.

Garmin Watch

Added a Garmin Connect Watch Box to my Notes Page.

Garmin migration continues sloooowly

Garmin’s migration of activities from MotionBased [MB] to Garmin Connect [GC] began o/a 04/8/09. I noted migration of activities from my digest April, 13th, with 14 rides having been migrated. To date, 54 activities have been migrated. Earlier today, it was 46. The migration of my activities seem frozen between 04/15 & 04/24, while the records migrated remained at 32. Garmin Connect officials assured me this was not unusual. I have 451 records. At this rate, completion will take about a year. That’s a year before GC supports my Garmin Edge 305. In the meantime, I am to continue uploading to MB, which seems to exacerbate the process. Anyway, it makes me wonder.  Patience is still a virtue…

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Crank Forward Ride Impressions

In this case a RANS Citi CF. First, I think I have to give my overall impression of a Citi [and CFs in general] ride and then the unique aspects of my build. There are few Citi [or RANS] single speed builds. I’ll do my best in this review.

  • Citi

CRW_0285.CRW I was fortunate to have ridden a RANS Fusion CF in Morton, Illinois last July following RAGBRAI. The fun of riding it inspired me to buy a Citi. I think there is a special feeling of control and responsiveness that’s unique to a crank forward bike. It tracks really well. The long wheelbase ensures a comfortable ride and with big low-pressure tires, a lot of road rumble vanishes.

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Garmin Connect Migration marches on…


My MotionBased to Garmin Connect migration is now up to 26 from 14 yesterday. I have 449 activities to be migrated. I think this will take a while. This ride was on a cold Florida Sunday from Regis’ Hampton’s Edge to Inverness and return.

{click on this graphic to be taken to Garmin Connect and experience GC and this ride}