Downtown Fayetteville, NC ~ iphone 4, with Pro HDR, 09/22

RCWBC taken from the north side of Hay Street
Looking east from Anderson & Hay
From the west [Hay Street] side of the Marke House
Looking west, up Hay Street toward the train Station

Here are morning shots from Fayetteville, North Carolina. On the left is the Robert C. Williams Business Center. It’s an office building and the location of our Public Works Commission. The 3 pictures above look at the Market House and from it west, toward the train station. [relatedflickr]


iPhone 4 Photo Shoot ~ Downtown Fayetteville, NC, 09/04

The Market House from the south side of Hay Street I just returned for my photo shoot. I’m off loading now will review and then upload to flickr. There is lots of promise here. Now, I’ll get to compare Pro HDR with the HDR feature of iOS 4 and then ultimately  HDR Pro releases after iOS 4.1

I really enjoyed taking pictures tonight. It makes me want to get sunrise shots in Fayetteville. Anyway, I have uploaded 34 pictures from the area of downtown Fayetteville. To my surprise, HD Pro [and the iPhone 4] took low-light [night actually] shots well. There is evidence of noise—graininess apparent in my night shots; but, I think they work.

A few more pictures:

Mr. Giraldo’s Day31 Ride


Now in Torrey, Hanksville may be Mr. Giraldo’s destination. If so, the two legs from the Day28 Journey Map to the left are included [C to D & D to E], i.e., Torrey to Fruita & Fruita to Caineville. Add to continuation to Hanksville and we have today’s possibility—total distance: 46.8 miles.

The route is mostly downhill with more scenic Utah to be seen.

The "Pathfinders" have been here. I added their write-up below.


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Discovery Launch Postponed

NASA Defers Setting Next Shuttle Launch Date

During a thorough review of space shuttle Discovery’s readiness for flight, NASA managers decided Friday more data and possible testing are required before proceeding to launch. Engineering teams have been working to identify what caused damage to a flow control valve on shuttle Endeavour during its November 2008 flight.

“We need to complete more work to have a better understanding before flying,” said Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for Space Operations at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Gerstenmaier chaired Friday’s Flight Readiness Review.

“We were not driven by schedule pressure and did the right thing. When we fly, we want to do so with full confidence.”

The shuttle has three flow control valves that channel gaseous hydrogen from the main engines to the external fuel tank. Teams also have tried to determine the consequences if a valve piece were to break off and strike part of the shuttle and external fuel tank.

The Space Shuttle Program has been asked to develop a plan to inspect additional valves similar to those installed on Discovery. This plan will be reviewed during a meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Afterward, the setting of a new target launch date may be considered.

Fri, 20 Feb 2009 11:51:32 PM EST

This is the closest I have come to seeing a shuttle launch. I’d rather watch the launch on TV, and have the crew safe, than possibly an unsafe launch while I’m in the Orlando area. Wednesday, 02/25, we may learn the new launch date.
On to the Catrike Rally…

President Obama ~ Our 44th President

President Obama's Official PortraitDownloaded from flickr under the Creative Commons Licensing Agreement

Photo by White House Photographer ~ Pete Souza

Congratulations Mr. President!
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