Gardening from Seeds ~ Cucumbers, 03/27–Day25

With these seedling nearing a month since I placed the first seeds in soil, tendrils can be seen. That means they will soon be ready to climb. In the meantime, I preparing to start another batch of seeds. Flickr pics…

Home ~ Decorating, Living Room, 03/19

Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law’s Tongue]–now in the living room.

Home ~ Decorating, Living Room, 03/18

Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law's Tongue] now in the living room
Moved my Sansevieria Trifasciata [Mother-in-Law’s Tongue] from the kitchen to the living room. This to make room for a DIY plant stand [to be built] for veggie seedlings I’ll plant this year. Two other pics in this Flickr set.

Plants ~ Sweet Potato Vine, 03/13/2014

The sweet potato vine is doing well…

Flowering Tree ~ Camellia, 03/10

One of the early bloomers in this yard. This tree is on the west side of the property. Its blossoms are always expected. Although they can make a bit of a mess on the ground, it is nice to look out the side window and see the earl color. I enjoy shaping the tree. More pictures in this Flickr set.

Plants ~ Sweet Potato Vine, 03/08/2014

About a week ago I planted the sweet potato vine [earlier article] in soil. It seems to be doing well. I expect to see vigorous growth soon. Stay tuned…

DIY ~ Firewood Rack on Wheels, Lighter Wood Bin, 02/20/2014

Lighter Wood Bin
Incorporated a place to keep lighter wood into the firewood rack. It is on the left end of the rack as you face it. I added a floor and a back. More pics

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