Photography ~ Super Blue Moon in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/31

The second full moon for January [Blue Moon] rises @ 06:05 pm EST.

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Do you see my Double Transit of the moon by two airliners?

Commercial aircraft Double Transit the moon [It was over in a slit second]

I am one lucky guy!



Photography ~ Partial Lunar Eclipse, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/31

6:23 – 7:05 am EST {12 pictures}

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Photography ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina–Nearing Full Moon, 01/29

Waxing @ 93.6% of full moon

Bottom [original] sharpened and darkened. Top–more post processing.

Photography ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina–Other First Quarter Moon Shots, 01/24

I think dusk shots are better because of more contrast between the moon and the sky.

My 01/24 Cover Shot [the monochrome one].


Photography ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina–First Quarter Moon, 01/24

Checking my processes, should I try to capture the little bit of the lunar eclipse, 01/31

0124 Quarter Moon

Other 01/24 moon pictures.

Photography ~ Lunar–using video for stacking moon pictures, 09/15

Keep the best of many frames and then stack & refine

I use CamRanger to take the shots–this time “mov” files. You only need a few seconds. A minute gives you around 1800 frames. I kept the best 25 frames, using PIPP for that. Next, Registax to stack. For some reason, only the “tif” first batch loaded in Registax and showed the image. Importing into Lightroom and exporting as TIFF files [even with no processing] seemed to resolve. Curious…

Anyway, here is one of 6 vids I recorded to stack 25 to get one image. I processed 4 other vids and kept to one picture I like best. The moon [waning at 28%] is moving as much as it is because I had not yet pointed my tripod to true north. I am using iOptron SkyGuider Pro to track the object of interest, e.g., the moon, sun, planet, or night sky.