DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Lens Caddy & More+…], 07/16

In addition to the “more,” there is more…

Okay! I have added a container for lens caps, camera cover, etc. I have also added my compass and modified my Lume Cube light stand to have one of the lights at different heights. The Lume Cube accessory rack is working for me… I even have holes to store the red & black test meter probes. They are is the wood block at the base of the LC accessory rack.



Photography ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [DJI Osmo Mobile Still Life], 07/15

Another round of still life photos–all from the Xtreme trailer.


Photography ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Still Life Photo Studio], 07/15

Initially, I though “photo-booth.” Now, I am realizing the utility of a place for still life shoots.


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Limelight Hydrangea illuminated with Lume Cubes, with filters.


FTC ~ Photography–LED Light Bars–DIY [#37], 12/10

I am waiting for Pioneer Platform brackets from Rhino Rack–hopefully by the end of next week.

Light Bars
I will install 4 LED Heise LED Light Bars [Blackout Series] on the van–a 42″ for the front; a 30″ for the rear; and two 22″ for the sides. This gives me “always with me lighting” for mobile photography–no setup needed. I will also install two 3″ 4-LED Cube Flood Lights [also Blackout Series]. I think I will place them of the front, maybe the rear–TBD. Although I will affix the lights to the Pioneer Platform, a local installer [Rhudy’s Car Audio & Accessories] will wire them.

Night Photography ~ Tops [according to Flickr], 09/26

Views & favorites over 8 days of pictures.

See these 8 and more in this Flickr 2017 Night Photography Album

Photography ~ Shrubbery–Yuccas, twilight & after dark, 09/23

Just leaves this time…

My Yuccas

Photography ~ Shrubbery—Nandina Domestica [after dark], 09/21

Twilight & night shots of this so-called cemetery plant

Pictures in this blog.Nandina Domestica II