Customizing Modified

1) AirZound:

Finding the best [aesthetically] mounting point for the AirZound was a bit of a challenge. Ultimately, I decided to mount it beneath the tiller. Continue reading “Customizing Modified”

Safety Flag

Given question #2 on my wish list in my VK2 setup post, I’ve decided to add an easily removed flag [actually wind sock, which is a spinner or spinsock]. Continue reading “Safety Flag”

VK2 Setup

Hello Fellow Cyclist,

I am James [Jim] Artis. I really enjoy cycling.

I currently have 4 bikes:

3 Treks:

  1. a 5200 OCLV Carbon Fiber—now my trainer;
  2. a Project One—my DF;
  3. a Y-22 OCLV Carbon MTB [joy is MTB’ing with my adult son];


now a Velokraft VK2. Continue reading “VK2 Setup”