Photography ~ March 18, 2017, Flickr Upload, 03/28

Could it all be in a name?

The lead photograph [featured] in this set of 11 has 341 views [2 favorites]. It is not unusual that the first photo in a set has more views that others, but not hundreds more! I choose to name this collage “nipple.” Might that be a reason??? I like the composition…149064655097567

DIY [# 20] ~ Photography–Ceiling Rack, Hanger [different camera orientation], 03/27

Turned the camera 180°

Slightly different lighting…IMG_8749I will angle the camera down [the top of the camera now faces the wall] a bit more to get less back wall and more of what’s in front of the tripod. I’m shooting blind, making adjustments, re-shooting, and then viewing the pictures to determine what to do next.