DIY [#37]–4-LED Cube Covers [Green, Red, & Amber], 01/21

A pair of each…

These from Heise LED Light Bars by way of Rhudy’s Car Audio & Accessories, my source and installer.

DIY [#37]–Front 4-LED Cube’s On ~ Green, Red, & Amber Cube Covers–Samples, 01/20

Given my prep, it took less than 30 minutes to complete the inside the van wiring.

DIY [#37]–Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform & Folding Aerial Brackets, w/4-LED Cube, 01/19

As I had hoped, my final set of lights & 3 pair color covers arrived today

Tomorrow, these will be LIT!

DIY [#37]–Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform with a pair of Folding Aerial Bracket, 01/18

I’ll use the brackets for a pair of 4-LED Flood Cubes [like those at the rear of the van]

The Rhino-Rack Folding Aerial Bracket is designed with versatility in mind offering 180 degrees of rotation for aerials, antennas, flags, small LEDs and spotlights. The bracket can be installed to roof racks and Pioneer systems and using a C-channel mount and direct attachment to most popular bull bar brands. The bracket also has the option of perpendicular or parallel mounting.


Now, awaiting the 4-LED Flood Cubes and protective lens covers for cube lights [red, amber, & green] I ordered [a pair of each] last Friday, 01/12.

DIY [#37]–Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform with LED Light Bars & SunSeeker Dome Awning, 12/25

From a top perspective

DIY [#37] ~ Preparing the van for wiring of the light bars, 12/15 & 12/16

I was cold enough that I built a fire for warmth as I worked–27-degrees.

I will have the switches [5 of them and a spare hole] to my right-rear and just above my head. They will be incoperated in the bulkhead [08/04/2016] that seperates the passenger area from the cargo section of the van. This shoud simplify wiring and save defacing the van with light switches. As you see, I have an inverter [06/23/2017] at the base of the bulkhead. That makes it easy to tap the battery without running another line.

The switch wiring will be behind the lighted mosaic wall I made in August 2016.

I think the end result will be tidy.

Stay tuned…