Home ~ More Twisted & Tangled Root Removal [04/02 – 04/06] following the Double Pine Tree Removal

Trees are beautiful, but???

I thought hauling 38 loads of mulch over two days was laborious [and it was]. Removing all the roots I did over 5 days was much, much more so. I do not see I will have to do this again and I am GLAD! At least I now have the potential for a smooth lawn–stay tuned…



Yard Care ~ Good I cut the grass this morning, 07/28

The Transit Connect Pics look better with a manicured lawn.

I did my cutting with a push “reel” mower. I had no idea what the day would hold. Three of my neighbor’s yards were also done [by lawn service people]. I do my own. My lawn REALLY needed it. Good that it was today.

I hope the next major event is the removal of the two pine trees you see, followed by the replacement of the driveway. Stay tuned…