Photography ~ Yet, A Taller Tripod Atop The Van, 10/07

Reaching for the sky…

With the CamRanger Camera Rig on top of this tripod, it is just over 7-feet above the top of the van and about 16-feet above the ground. I am using my other Manfrotto Tripod. It is the one I use for my iOptron Skyguide Pro. I will have a ground and “sky” tripod set up for my sun rise shots the week of November 11th.


DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [TeleConverter Caddy], 07/17

One more caddy [a solo] is finished.

IMG_1640The teleconverter is tucked away beneath my 400mm telephoto lens + 2X Extender. I will anchor the caddies to the countertop with industrial strength velcro. I know I will not travel with the camera rig mounted. I am not yet sure about the lenses. I have my case beneath the bench. I must be safe, rather than sorry.


Photography ~ Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Telephoto Lens + EF 2X III & CamRanger, 09/24

The 2X III is a lens extender = 800mm

Although good close-ups, I can discern some lessening of sharpness in these pics as compared to the pictures I took earlier today @ 400mm [no extender being used]. The lack of bright sunlight is also a factor–skies are very overcast. The lighting is all ambient.

I think there are shots, other than lunar [some stacked and sharpened] and solar photographs where an extender is useful–particularly as compared to the cost of an 800mm prime lens. Anyway, here you have some of my pics for comparison.