Gift ~ SOLOSHOT–Baseball Cap, 12/17

A surprise gift and it arrived Saturday versus Monday.

Last January, I ordered a SOLOSHOT3 after receiving payment from TIME Magazine for my photograph the published on the cover of their November 23, 2015, issue. There have been several delays. It now looks like we will receive our SOLOSHOT3 between January and March of 2017. To thank us for staying with them, our friends at SOLOSHOT sent us a gift–the baseball cap, a card signed by 6 team members, and an SOLOSHOT3 Information Card.

I am thankful and sent Heather a thank you note, with 2 pictures of me wearing the cap. I also look forward to the long-delayed robotic camera.

jalexartis Selfies ~ On my 71st Birthday–Eight Faces of James, 12/17

I am blessed and thankful to be here for the occasion. I managed to catch a cold though.

Flickr Album of my 2016 Pictures

Elves are fortunate. We are here to help Santa in anyway we can. I have a special task to capture in pictures as much of life as I can. Whether in uniform or not, I get to do so almost daily. For that, I am grateful and hope my work brings joy. Merry Christmas.