DIY ~ Ford Transit Connect XLT Van [rollout kitchen finishings–potable water storage–now filled…], 09/10

…with water, just in case, for Hurricane Florence

This 10-foot 5/8″ hose will eventually be connected to the mobile kitchen that I will place on the roll-out shelf. In the meantime [for this storm] I have water stored in case I need it.


DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Air Cooler System–Ready for Covers], 08/19

Today’s trailer tasks are finished

I have put the insulated 10-gallon cooler back on its base and shorten the wiring. It is ready for its cover. I plan to use a bamboo window blind, pictured on the left and registers like the one pictured here. Please stay tuned…

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DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Air Cooler–Heat Exchanger & More], 08/19

Closer to putting on a skin/veneer and enclosing the cooler–probably wood for both

IMG_1824I built a frame for the heat exchanger that has more insulation on the sides and a mounting board for the temperature gauges. The register is temporary–just to have a correct sized opening. I hope to use a thin, decorative wood–maybe ¼-inch. The wood top in the photo is also temporary.

IMG_1823I have insulated the 10-gallon cooler and have to put it back on its base, then shorten the wiring. I will cover the insulated cooler. I am not sure with what yet–maybe wood slats to match the trailer’s front panel.

Note, the portion of the exposed return tubing also has to be insulated.

Stay tuned…

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