Dinner ~ Shrimp & Rice by jalex–It’s Resting, 04/29

Relatively wholesome…

Technology ~ iPhone 7 Plus–The Cameras, 09/07

I am smitten.

Photography ~ Facebook– June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge–Day 29

Today, my most interesting Flickr photograph for today’s Photo-a-Day Prompt: I have too much…

I have too much care and concern for the electronics I ride with to allow them to possibly get rained on. I needed a low-cost solution–DIY and a coke bottle.

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Photography ~ Flickr–My all-time leader, with 15K+ Views, 07/22


It was July 31, 2009, that I took and uploaded this picture showing a simply solution to keeping an iPhone dry while cycling in the rain. The picture caused a firestorm thanks to Gizmodo.

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Honoring ~ The Emanuel Nine, 06/22

Over 2,500 views of 38 photographs within 60 hours after uploading them to this Flickr Album. That is a lot! I think it shows the interest people have in the tragedy at Mother Emanuel Church, Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

Technology ~ Photography–iPhone & Apple Watch, 05/14

This is a technology integration that can work for me. I use Bluetooth for shuttle control. The ability to remotely see what the camera sees is useful–particularly in refocusing the camera. [most recent remote photography article]

Now, to figure out how to get an Apple Watch???

Photography ~ Contrail Rainbow, 03/06

Looky here–watching contrails float across the sky, suddenly there is color as the clouds pass beneath the sun. I witnessed a “Contrail Rainbow”–the prism effect of the sun-rays shining through the moisture in a jet’s contrails. It is wonderful that we have so many beautiful things to see on this earth.

[Flickr 2015 Clouds Album]