Photography ~ Marigolds that won’t repel mosquitos, through the lens of an iPhone, 06/18

Thanks to the crustacean Roly Poly. They are vivacious eaters of my marigolds

Good that I have other mosquito repelling plants that are not being consumed. Yeah!


This “pest,” also called a pill bug, is thought to be beneficial by some. I’d rather have the marigolds.

Photography ~ Backyard Landscaping–Added More Liriope [Monkey Grass], 05/21

Now, to wait for this to fill in like the other you see in the photos.

The west side…

Photography ~ Gear/Kit–PhotoBooth, 02/17

The job that is NOT! Nonetheless, it was an extremely busy week putting this setup together and having it functional.

Well, I thought I’d be using the gear you see here for a photo shoot tomorrow night, Saturday, 02/18. As events played out, that will not happen. In the meantime, I have a new laptop, a dye sublimation photo printer [Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 Dye Sub Photo Printer], a second monitor, and photo booth software [dlsrBooth] ready to be put to use.


iPhonenography ~ Whisky16–Aquatic Habitat Area [Slideshow], 10/29

An artsy presentation…

Working with Whisky16 once again. Last time, the NC State Fair.

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After Dark Pictures

Photography ~ From the 5th Level of the Fayetteville Parking Deck, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 09/17

Suggested by a Fayetteville Policeman as we conversed on Old Street.

These are perspective shots taken with my iPhone 6S Plus. At this point, I was not sure I would shoot with my DSLR. I did, so stay tuned…

Photography ~ The Calm before the Storm–A few more pictures, 09/04

These taken with my iPhone 6S Plus.

Transportation ~ 2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Gets Towed, 08/24

These wheels are suppose to be on asphalt of concrete–not aluminum.

I was stunned! The back story.