Photography ~ TIME Magazine Cover Photograph, 11/11/2015

Veterans Day last year I received a call from a TIME Magazine rep asking permission to use one of my pictures for their magazine cover. I said yes.

Church.Cover[1]Blog article.

Technology ~ iOS 10 on my iPhone 6S Plus Impressions, 09/14

So far, an exceptional experience!

After a “bad” install in this phone yesterday, it is indeed a pleasure to use iOS 10. I have yet to find a feature that I do not like or that really bothers me. I read of some that others do not like. Maybe over-time I will, but, not yet. Today, I worked with many settings. I will say, that if one is not careful, personal information can be seen outside the lock screen–beware! Here are a few ScreenGrabs, albeit like iOS 9.3.5, except for the fuzzy background when a group is in the foreground.

I like the screen animations–Live Wallpaper. They have been available since the 6S & 6S Plus. Now, I await the iOS 10 experience on my iPhone 7 Plus. I do not yet have a delivery date it.

Photography/Technology ~ Camera Field Monitor, 07/15

Setup for the vase picture below.



Photography/Technology ~ Xsories Weye Feye, 07/05

Another piece of kit. This replaces the Cam Ranger I had planned to get.

1391007526000_1025800 weye Fey…for $99.99 versus $299.99 and with functions I can live with especially for $200 less.Yes, the CamRanger has more functions and is “pricey.” I found this jewel [Weye Feye] while searching for alternatives for remote DSLR control. Its price is down from $250.

To buy or not to buy, [you know the rest].

After reading several reviews, seeing the savings, and my desire to photograph remote from the camera, I decided to buy.

I ordered it last Thursday but had to wait until today [Tuesday, 07/05] for delivery by UPS. At least, I did not have to wait until 9:04 pm as I did last Friday night for items with an estimated delivery windows of 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Thanks for that!

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Photography & Technology ~ Intervalometer–Old & New, 03/24

20160324_190013442_iOSMy Canon EOS Remote TC-80N3 Intervalometer died [after 40 some years] and I could not resuscitate. I opened the case and moved around the contacts. I worked intermittently and then I went outside to take pictures–DEAD. My options: [cost is a factor]

  1. Canon–$210 + shipping.
  2.–for $129 + Shipping paid as a member of Amazon Prime.
  3.–other shutter controls [shipping paid, if 2-day shipping].

Oppilas BoxI looked at several option, most under $25.00 and decided, after reading a few reviews, that I would focus on a wireless remote.

Having a tether plugged into the camera can be a problem. Don’t ask me how I know.

Anyway, I selected an Oppilas for $18.88. I had gift cards totaling $17.56, leaving me a balance of 1.32. Hey, that’s a lot better than the first 2 options. Plus, not using a short cable gets my shadow out of the frame.

See my setup…

Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, South Carolina ~ My capture, 06/20

IMG_7840This is the photograph I took at 10:20 am, 06/20/2015–the photograph TIME Magazine officials sought my permission to use for the cover [below] of their November 23, 2015, magazine. I try, as a photographer, to shoot with a perspective, given constraints [power lines, traffic, etc.], that is more than just a snapshot. I think I achieved that here. TIME does as well.

Van ~ 1998 Ford Windstar Cargo Van [The End], 09/25

Initially leased in spring 1998 for my computer business–later purchased by the company. Subsequently, it became my personal vehicle. It took me across country twice and to many cycling events from Niagara Falls, Canada to Miami, Florida and from the outer Banks of North Carolina to Seattle, Washington. Now we part. I will miss you my friend. In many ways, I wish I would have treated you better. Farewell…