Photography ~ Yet another DIY Canon EOS 6D DSLR Setup–Continued from 10/11…, 10/25

Now, to add the umbrella…

We have 12-hours or so of rain tomorrow–mostly during the day. If I am lucky, I will capture some day and night shots. I hope to see the dreariness and the reflections from the wetness. Anyway, the umbrella is to keep the rear opening of the van devoid of water.

My dry testing worked well. I captured rain during Hurricane Michael–no wet streets there though.

Photography ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [DJI Osmo Mobile Still Life], 07/15

Another round of still life photos–all from the Xtreme trailer.


Photography ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Still Life Photo Studio], 07/15

Initially, I though “photo-booth.” Now, I am realizing the utility of a place for still life shoots.


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Limelight Hydrangea illuminated with Lume Cubes, with filters.


Photography ~ DJI Osmo Mobile [robot] Panorama, 07/13

A 3-pass [5-shots each] pano



I use a DJI tripod and have attached a light for illumination and color warmth. The light does not move. I have used an iPhone 7 Plus and now use an iPhone X for the pictures. The height of the camera above the floor is determined by the effect I want to achieve.

This video shows the robot’s movement. For a wider panorama, I can select a 3-pass 27-shot capture. The DJI Go App controls the Osmo and processes [stitches] the images together.

Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal–Fast Timelapse [60FPS], 03/29

Raining Pine…

Home ~ Photography–Interior Decorating [kitchen], 10/18

The plants are in their wintering place.

Photography ~ My autumn blooming yucca surprise gets closer to flowering, 10/10