DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [Sheepskin Rug], 07/03

Now, for some nice floor contrast and brightening…

I love flokati rugs. I bought a large one in the ’70s while living in Berlin, Germany. Our pomeranian [Brandy] liked it too much for all the wrong reasons. I digress…

This is a single pelt (2′ x 3′, Natural Ivory Fur Shag) sourced from Australia and New Zealand. The pelts sold on are a by-product of the down-under meat industry. I know I will enjoy this rug on the Xtreme’s floor vinyl plank floor.

Photography ~ Home–Interior, iPhone X 3X3 Panorama Trial with DJI Osmo Mobile, 12/13

This time, raw images stitched using DJI Media Maker.


Photography ~ Lights Through the Door, 12/10

Capturing again what I took December 2015


DIY [#33] ~ Interior Decorating–Laticed Wall [Bedroom], 11/11

Moulding and touchup painting to be done…

Home ~ Photography–Interior Decorating [kitchen], looking out the door [at night], 10/20

Wintering Plants

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Photography ~ Berries through a window, 10/20

Inspired by what I see lying in my bed…


Camera Roll

Home ~ Photography–Interior Decorating [kitchen–after dark], 10/19

Lighting & Perspective