Home ~ Super Bowl XLV Party Prep ~ The Brisket

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Home ~ Hallway ~ My Military Corner


I’ve shared my hallway [newly painted].
Now, another piece of it—prints by
Don Stivers and my Buffalo Soldier.

Home ~ The backyard at night

Our backyard is near completion. The fire pit is in place and many marshmallows have been roasted. Continue reading “Home ~ The backyard at night”

Home ~ Hallway, with marble shadowbox & silk geraniums

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Home ~ Repainted Foyer & Newly Painted Hallway

Home updates continue… This time painting. First the hallway, then the foyer, dining room, followed by the living room. The kitchen is last. Here are 3 photos, using an iPhone Panorama App, of the foyer & hallway.

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Chinese Symbols ~ Goodness, Fortune, and Life

CRW_1995.CRWI asked what these symbols represent. MJ Klein responded on flickr telling me they are classic traditional Chinese Characters/Symbols, like those used in Taiwan. They represent Goodness, Fortune, and Life. A long time question has finally been answered. The quest for the answer became more immediate over Thanksgiving as one of my grandchildren asked. I promised a reply. Now, I can deliver on that promise. Thanks to MJ and to his wife, Hui Chen Chu, for their help. This shot gives a better perspective of how they are displayed.