iPhone App Update ~ MotionX GPS, v12.9


MotionX GPSThis update became available yesterday, 10/25. Blog articles containing information or relating to MotionX GPS.

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Cyclemeter ~ Calendar Sharing [Steve asked me to check it out]

Cyclemeter Calendar Sharing

Cyclemeter ~ Automatic Stop Detection [here it is]

Cyclemeter Auto Stop Detection

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Cyclemeter ~ version 4.1, 09/07

Brand-Cyclemeter Automatic Stop Detection senses when you have stopped moving and attributes time automatically to stopped time, so that your elapsed time and other statistics cover only when you are moving. Elapsed time will continue to increase until the stop is detected, and then will roll back to when the stop started. Note: Off by default, turn on in Settings.

Thanks to Steve Kusmer of Abvio LLC! He asked me to check out Calendar Sharing, also in this update.


Garmin Advertisement for the 800 ~ They are in the mail, 08/31

Garmin Edge 800 Ad

DC Rainmaker’s Review
Ad Footnotes

SPOT Messenger ~ There is a new one of those in town too.


Nope, not the SPOT II, but even newer than that. It is called the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator. DeLorme and SPOT have teamed up to give us what they say is a ruggedized handheld GPS with all the famous DeLorme street and topo maps included, plus the ability to type and send one-way messages. BROL Thread [started by BROL Member VikBhis piece].

So, if you have $550.00 [MSRP] burning your pockets, head off to a local retailer and get yourself one. Amazon.com has them for $510 and REI at the MSRP.

The other new-in-town gadget is the Garmin Edge 800. I have a couple of pieces on it as well.

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  2. Garmin Edge 800 In Depth First Look Review ~ DC Rainmaker

SPOT II Messenger got to play yesterday


I took SPOT with me on the trip to Charlotte and turned on its tracking feature for the return trip. I could not get it to come on earlier—took the battery cover off and moved the batteries and it worked. I seem to have a battery tightness problem.

Anyway, here is the trip graphic from my SPOT Adventures Page. My plan is to have my tour travels there for you to see. History will be retained and photos [uploaded to Flickr] will be geotagged. Stay tuned…