FINALLY! My Garmin Watch is over…

All of my MotionBased Activities [472] have been migrated to Garmin Connect!  At this point, I cannot tell you when the migration began, but I know it took a long time.

Garmin Watch [monitor the migration of my activities from my MotionBased Digest to Garmin Connect as of 2:18 p.m. 11/23. NO activities remain to be migrated.

Migrated Total MB Activities Total GC Activities
452 452 475
Garmin Connect Garmin Forums

I’m glad it is complete.

It’s like magic—well almost…

Late last night [or early this morning], around 2:00 a.m., I setup my Tanita BC-1000 Scale, ANT+ USB Stick, and Garmin FR60 Watch, that I received yesterday. The entire process was like magic—uneventful. What a delight to have everything work so smoothly. Thank goodness I have Internet access because I had to download drivers from Garmin for the ANT+ USB stick [seems they would have been on one of the CDs in the package]. Also, to use the FR60 with Garmin Connect [GC] I had to download and install the ANT Agent. At the end of the process all I did [save weighing] worked. GOOD! [pity the poor soul who has no Internet and only wants the watch integrated with the ANT+ stick and the  Healthy Edge Software]. GC has a real nice wizard for the setup.

…the rest of the story…

My Garmin Migration Update ~ 10/20

Garmin Watch [monitor the migration of my activities from my MotionBased Digest to Garmin Connect as of 9:35 p.m. 10/20, 84 activities remain to be migrated.

Migrated Total MB Activities Total GC Activities
368 452 391
Garmin Connect Garmin Forums

From my Garmin Watch on my Notes Page. This is taking a loooong time. At least only 84 of my activities remain to be migrated. I wonder if that will be completed by the end of the year?

I rode Maria’s 20-Mile White Oak NC Loop

My Ride of Maria's Loop

My speed was no where near impressive. Maria’s will be. Where I could have gone faster, I would spin out due to my single-speed gearing. Anyway, the course was fun to ride—lots of scrub oak and pine trees. The elevation profile is true to my feeling. Started well, lost .8 mph average speed through about mid course and gained back .6 mph through the end of the course. I had to stop at the beginning to pick up my small camera. I dropped out of my pocket.

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If you are looking for the most in Geekiness

The Tanita BC-1000 platform features no display, as readings are automatically transmitted to remote displays such as the Garmin FR60 or Forerunner 310XT fitness watch, a personal computer, or Tanita’s tabletop remote display for easy viewing in various locations. This dynamic feature-the first of its kind-will allow for personal identification and data recording and is perfect for anyone who wants to track their health and fitness levels, making the BC-1000 the ultimate choice for monitoring your health.

You may want to consider the Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor in combination with a Garmin a Garmin Fitness Watch or Garmin Forerunner.

Here is the deal. The scale has no display. It sends its readings to the device on your wrist. You read it there. When you are close to your computer [that has a USB ANT™ stick], the data is wirelessly transmitted to the computer or skip the watch and go directly to the USB ANT™ Stick [$359.99 vs. $279.99 ]. This will not currently get data into Garmin Connect. You need the fitness watch or Forerunner for that. See the GF thread for discussion.

From there, the data is captured with Garmin Connect and shown on your health page.

All pretty cool stuff…

  Tanita BC-1000 Scale Garmin Forerunner 310XT Fitness Watch & FR60 Watch

So, are any of my readers using any of this technology with Garmin Connect? If not, would you consider using it at some point? Will you place this on you Christmas [gift] wish-list?

Garmin Forums

Garmin Forums

The forums are closed (read only) except for MotionBased FAQs and General Troubleshooting.  Please login to the Garmin Forums using your myGarmin login.

Garmin Connect continues to improve [my migration remain slow—Garmin Watch]. Well, to go along with GC, Garmin’s new forums are active. See Garmin’s MB announcement to the right.

A Foursome…

NiagaraRallyDay2 NiagaraRallyDay3
TODDay85 TODDay86

Above are maps of my most recent rides [2 in Canada & 2 in Florida] and only a week apart. Talk about some serious driving miles. The first 3 rides [cycling] and on my RANS Citi Crank Forward. The forth ride is on my Catrike 700. The last 2 rides were ridden with Mr. Giraldo. The 4 rides averaged 51 miles. They were fun. I’m really enjoying my single-speed Citi. Click on either map for details about the rides.