Photography ~ Blueberry Time–Late June & Early July, 07/08

The birds, the squirles. my neighbor, and I are thankful!


Photography ~ Spring [My Yard], Blueberry Bush–Bloom-to-Berry [Slideshow], 04/02

…and the berries can be picked early July.

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Flickr 2016 Spring Shots–The Album

2013 Bounty, of the fruit kind ~ Blueberries, 07/08 [6+ cups]

6+-cups of fresh--Homegrown Blueberries

…next–smoothies. YES!

2013 Bounty, of the fruit kind ~ Blueberries

The birds and squirrels have been at them for a while. It is now time for a few blueberry smoothies. Watching plants grow is always intriguing. The harvest is the capstone of my efforts. I am blessed and live a good life…