Photography ~ Limelight Hydrangea in Bloom, 07/09


Photography ~ Azaleas & Dogwoods [after dark], 04/02

A few DSLR Shots…



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Photography ~ Camellias are in Bloom, 02/26

I’ve seen them bloom late December to early March–these, several days ago

Photography ~ Autumn–Early December Vinca Blooms, 12/06

These are the perennial variety shot in a cold drizzle–used my DIY rain cover.

Photography ~ My Autumn Blooming Yucca–The End… 11/07

A single bloom stands…

Like the leaves of autum, the blooms have fallen…

Photography ~ My Autumn Blooming Yucca attracts Leaf-Footed Bugs, 10/26

Who called this gathering?


Photography ~ My Autumn Blooming Yucca–pictures by night, 10/22

…and now for the simplicity of after dark photography.

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