Photography ~ Autumn–Mid December Shubbery by the Front Porch, 12/11

A Holly [note a few red berries] & a Generic Shrub

Photography ~ Autumn–Mid December Azaleas and Pine Straw, 12/11

Winter is soon to be upon us…

Photography ~ 2017 Autumn at Home Album

A Flickr Album of photographs I took of fall colors

See them individually and view related November & December articles.2017 Autumn at Home

Photography ~ Autumn–Early December Gold Spot Euonymus Variegated Shrub with Autumn Berries, 12/07

More at home autumn color

Photography ~ Autumn–Early December Vinca Blooms, 12/06

These are the perennial variety shot in a cold drizzle–used my DIY rain cover.

Photography ~ Autumn–Early December Liriope black berries, in the dark, 12/02

Earlier PhotographsBlack Berries

Photography ~ Autumn–Early December Nandina Domestica, 12/01

Now with red berries…